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Chavez and Religion

Published on 06 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Chavez's death --who is known socialist and Marxist before raising the banner of Simon Bolivar-- triggered the following idea for me; When person --regardless to his/her socio-economic status-- feels his/her impending death, then he/she refers to the 'hidden force' (god), even when he/she is not believer.
According to Reuters, Chavez held a small silver crucifix and put it on his forehead.
The limitation of human power and knowledge pushes him/her to believe in god. I think it is one of the windows which is left open for us to feel the hidden force.
In My opinion, Atheism was widespreaded  as reaction against the shameful behaviors of the Cardinals and the rule of Church as well as the alliance between the European dynasties and cardinals during the pre-Renaissance era.
I also believe that among the reasons which raise Atheism in the Arab world, is the current alliance between Muslim clerics and the Autocratic dynasties either among Sunni-majority such as Saudi Arabia or the Shiite-majority such as Iran. 
The pro-US theocratic regimes are also one of the factors reinforced worldwide terrorism as a reaction against tyranny and neo-colonialism in the Arab World.