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Media and the Syrian Crisis

Published on 07 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Corporate Media hired Anti-Assad 'activists' to cover the News from Syria.
Danny Abdul Dayem, Syrian-British worked for the CNN as a 'Citizen-Journalist' and supplied the channel with the prospective news and fabricated events on the ground.
Al-Jazeera Channel followed the same approach due to purely political position related to the owner.
There is no doubt that the Syrian regime committed crimes against the Syrian people, meanwhile, Media corporations have recalled the 'cold war' styles of coverage by which the news mostly depend on prospective opinions and fabricated events sometimes.
Mainly, The Iranian and pro-Assad Lebanese media defended al-Assad regime and launched their news from the conspiracy theory against the Syrian regime on the expense of Syrian people's right to decide the fate of the regime as well as the way of ruling.
The Syrian regime received the pre-aired reports of both CNN and Aljazeera Channel and invested these scandals to prove the 'theory of Conspiracy against Syria'.
Aljazeera's Chief correspondent in Homs, Khalid Abu-Salah was being watched teaching a young girl to attack Bashar Al-Assad as a tyrant as well as fabricated explosions in the city of Homs to give an impression of a real streets war, while, they were gangs playing the role of Syrian Security forces.
CNN's Chief correspondent, Danny Abdul-Dayem is also watched with militant gangs firing Diesel pipes which supply Homs for heaters during Syria's cold winter.
On the other side, The Syrian regime brought persons to act as eyewitnesses on Addunya TV and Syrian TV Channel.
Aljazeera, Al-Arabiyya TV Channels (owned by the Qatari and Saudi dynasties respectively) as well as Salafists Channels based in the GCC and Egypt engaged the religion within the Syrian Crisis and appeared the conflict as war between the 'True Islam' and 'The heretic Islam, i.e Shiite'.
Although the Iranian role is totally geopolitical in Syria (Shiias and Alawites have an absolute dispute as sects), The Gulf dynasties (via their pro-US propaganda) convert the Syrian uprising into Sunni-Shiite Conflict.
The Syrian rebels have decided to name the next 'revolutionary' Friday as 'Syria and Iraq.. to Extinguish the fire of the Magi); they mean the Muslim Shias by 'Magi.
I think it is completely logic for Assad to gain popularity (according to the Qatari-funded Survey) due to simple reasons:
1. Most of Syrians refuse the extremists behaviors and they are sensitive against the interference of the Gulf dynasties.
2. Syria's Lands (Unity) are being threatened.
3. The Syrian people are sensitive against Zionism and NATO interference.