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Samer Issawi and Palestinian Factions

Published on 25 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
"Samer Issawi's heart could stop at any moment, a lawyer said Monday, as the prisoner's health continues to deteriorate after 236 days on hunger strike."

The Palestinian factions are fragmented into multiple political Agendas.
The truth is All of them aim to liberate occupied Palestine, Unfortunetly, All of them receive 'political cash'.
Saudi Arabia alongside with the Western countries apply pressure on Fatah, whereas, Qatar applies pressure on Hamas.
The difference between Fatah and Hamas --as two major political parties-- is that Hamas believe in armed resistance, whereas, Fatah believe in negotiation.
I believe the Palestinians can gather both ways.
Another comment, both movements are being affected by the donors policies.
Furthermore, Palestinians will not be able to achieve the national aspirations as long as the Arab governments are divided and fight each other.
I read Hamas defends on Qatar's policy and then I got nauseated because their statements are 'sectarian' and they stabbed the Syrian regime from behind, because Bashar Al-Assad was Alawite-born and Al-Ba'ath regime was totalitarian and oppressive exactly in the same period when Khalid Mash'al and other Hamas leaders were meeting Bashar Al-Assad.