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The US Strategy through Obama's visit

Published on 29 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor,
Obama's visit to the Arab World included three stations Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman, included geostrategic events.

In Jerusalem:
Obama emphasized the strong relation between the US and Israel describing it 'Eternal Alliance' and reassures Israel regarding the Iranian nuclear project.
Moreover, Obama visited Holocaust memorial and Theodore Hertzel's tomb as symbolic step toward the Zionist project (including the Jewish State) in the Middle East.
The Key word was the claimed 'Iranian threat' in Jerusalem.

In Ramallah
Obama did not guaranty freezing 'illegal' Israeli settlements, meanwhile he promised the Palestinian Authority (PA) by $ 250 million after pausing the American political funds to the PA, since the Palestinians refused the US order in the UN to abandon the 'Non-member statehood'.
No serious talk about what-so-called 'Peace process', therefore the same old US doctrine by 'Managing the conflict'

In Amman:
Obama asked Jordan to offer more support for the NATO-GCC Alliance by training the Syrian rebels against al-Assad regime and facilitating logistic weapons Cargo through Jordanian-Syrian borders.
About three thousand foreign mercenaries were sent from Jordan to Syria immediately after Obama's departure as well as the Israeli and American troops Northern Jordan to maintain Syria's chemical weapons in case they reached al-Qaeda elements.

The Jordanian regime is moving in a Maze: 
From one hand, The Jordanian regime is holding strong alliance with the American and Israeli governments to overthrow the Syrian regime. The regime is panic toward Syrian Fascisto-islamists as well as the Qatari-funded Muslim brothers who would make a U-turn toward Jordan after Syria, from the other.