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Two Bad Cases of "Arab Thinkers"

Published on 22 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Case #1: Nahid Hattar:
Hattar is Jordanian writer, he is Leftist. and pro-Syrian regime.
He has strong Arabic language by description, however, his Articles are a wishful thinking and imaginary.
When we (My friends and I) read his articles on Al-Akhbar Newspaper, we laugh -literally- due to his wishful writing which contradicts stable facts such as : The Jordanian regime supports the Unity of the Syrian lands, whereas, they maintained logistic services to the rebels by Saudi-funded Croatian weapons, hosting the American forces in the North etc..

 Case #2: Azmi Bishara:
Azmi Bishara has transformed into propagandist, without exaggeration, he think that people are blind when he focus on the crimes committed by the Syrian regime and praises the pro-NATO opposition. Moreover, The Qatari dynasty contaminates the revolution (I call them Awakenings or Uprisings distorted in Libya and Syria due to direct foreign intervention for both conflicting sides in each of them)  in the Arab World.

These short impressions represent the writer's viewpoint and they do not target any personal affair.