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Al-Saud's Strategy

Published on 24 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Al-Saud dynasty, through their embraced Wahhabi clerics have two strategies to prolong al-Saud rule in part of the Arabian peninsula.
On the Internal level, they invent 'marginal' issues in order to engage local society in Fatwas (religious instruments) which usually discuss social or religious issues, this will make the public opinion far a way from discussing the ruling system, local political issues and corruption.

On the external level, It is a vital issue for al-Saud to justify their loyalty toward the US administration in front of Arabs including Saudi citizens, thus they utilize religious and sectarian issues in the Arab World. More specifically, al-Saud triggers sectarian conflict to face the Iranian influence, in fact, this is the actual response to justify Saudi-American-Israeli cooperation against Iran.

Now a days, Saudi youths interact with the external community via Social network services and they surely realize the wide gap regarding to civil rights, political participation, and social justice as examples, thus the Saudi clerics struggle to forbid social networking as well as youth initiatives because they threaten the ruling dynasty, however, counting-down for al-Saud era has just begun.