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Is Hamas involved in al-Qusayr battle?

Published on 25 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
Hezbollah is fighting side-by-side with the Syrian Army against rebels in al-Qusayr. According to reports from battle field, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah progressively recapture local territories, but they face violent resistance by the Syrian rebels as well as foreign fighters.

Hezbollah is a well-organized military organization according to Israelis and the party has experience regarding to Guerrilla war alongside with the Syrian Army which is classic and owns heavy military weapons and warplanes.Nevertheless, Hezbollah is announcing daily funerals for returned dead fighters from al-Qusayr and Hezbollah's death poll deserve to trigger questions about the battle and the nature of counter-fighters.

Although Hamas's position is completely against Syrian regime, Hezbollah avoid to criticize the Palestinian organization publically and preferred to keep contact with 'cold relation'.
Hamas military arsenal is mainly Iranian-made, Moreover, Hamas's locally-made rockets are a result of Iranian techniques and experts.

A news website known to be close to Hezbollah in Lebanon exposed that most of Hezbollah fighters who were killed in al-Qusayr are actually killed due to same techniques and particularly mines which Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance use against Israeli forces, Moreover, the same website mentioned (according to member of Hezbollah) that the party was so wondered at the beginning because the party practiced Hamas members for the same techniques which are being used in al-Qusayr, Syria.

The source also mentioned that 'Overlapped mines' are number one killer for most of Hezbollah fighters by which serial mines are connected together in cluster-form and if one of them is deactivated, the others would automatically exploded and he mentioned that this technique has been done in South Lebanon and Gaza by Hezbollah and Hamas respectively.

In my opinion, Hamas is directly engaged in Syria's battle but the political leaders hide that in order to keep relation with Iran and Hezbollah to maintain weapon's flow, and simultaneously maintain financial support by Qatar.