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Editor's follow-up on Syrian Crisis

Published on 13 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
I have noticed that pro-NATO Media has changed some 'propagandistic' terms related to the Syrian regime. This change might be due to Russian-American approach (despite disputes, such as, the US administration opposes Al-Assad participation in transitional government, which Russia strongly opposes). Any way, pro-NATO media has changed their 'language and terms' regarding to Syrian regime. Here are examples:

1- Sky News (Murdoch's propaganda) has finally admitted that Al-Assad still popular in parts of the country.

2- Aljazeera Arabic Channel (Qatar's Emir propaganda) has changed the term 'revolutionaries' in Syria into 'the Opposition's forces'. (I have watched the reports in Arabic).

I think that this shifting is part of adapting the public opinion to accept negotiating between what the media described 'bloody regime' (bad) for two years duration and what they called 'revolutionaries' (good).