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Idea of Today

Published on 03 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
"We -all of us- usually care about what we really want to hear/read/see"

This idea is associated with human nature regardless to the social, ethnic, religious or educational status.
However, open-minded persons have the most accurate skill to judge and evaluate variable things according to knowledge and neutral search.

Jumping to conclusion:
When the person have pre-existing concept (which might be correct or wrong), he/she usually jumps to conclusion by bypassing analysis (or processing) and surely  final judgement will be 'wrong' or 'premature'.

Social example:
If one has pre-existing idea that some one 'hate' him/her, and once he/she watch the other whispering with third person, he will -mostly- think that they are negatively talking about him/her, whereas, they mighy talk about totally different private subject.

Again, we must be an open-minded and to be patient to listen to all point of views in order to reach accurate judgement.