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9/11 Conspiracy

Published on 03 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.

For the past 11 years I have been emphasizing that my State Secrets Privilege & Gag Orders had to do with the FBI files (covering period 1996-2002 February) on covert-terrorist operations in Caucasus and Central Asia backed, managed and armed by US actorsThese US-NATO directed operations in the region involved Bin-Laden and mainly Zawahiri …..
The FBI documents contained damning evidence (audio and written) collected between 1996-2002 tying these terror operations directly to the U.S. persons in the State Department/CIA and Pentagon. Also, how the State Department got Congress to grant huge amounts of funds to “front’ NGOs and businesses (mainly Turkish companies in US-listed/members of ATC) to funnel money to the terrorist cells in this region.
Only silly people believe the following things regarding to 9/11:1- While the planes were hitting the towers, there were 'amateur' cameraman to catch the event.2- Israeli employees simply had a vocation on that day.3- Condoleezza Rice received many CIA secret reports suggested attacks agains the US and she did not take that seriously. by the way she was head of National Security council by that time.4-  As soon as the attack occurred, Bush's administration accused Saddam Hussein of cooperation with al-Qaeda, whereas, his regime was fighting al-Qaeda.