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Game of high moral values in Syria

Published on 03 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
by Local Editor
So when someone opposes the pro-NATO gangs in Syria, that does not mean he supports the tyrant Syrian regime. From other hand, The Syrian crisis is no longer an uprising between the people and the regime, it has transformed into War between two opposing international camps.

Romanticizing the conflict between the good versus bad people is part of propaganda, however, the NATO-GCC alliance has the least popularity among Arab and Muslim societies due to both historic imperialism and current Anglo-American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this explains the polls among Arabs by which they consider Al-Assad as tyrant ruler, meanwhile, Arabs refuse both Arab regimes as well as NATO intervention in Syria.

The Former Soviet Union (and the current Russian Federation) has never occupied Arab country, on the contrary, former USSR supported Egypt's Nasser against Israel during the Arab-Israeli War.

The human rights NGOs strongly supported Separation trends in Sudan (Southern Sudan and Darfur), however, they are muted toward the Buddhist violence against Muslims of Myanmar as well as the Somali conflict, meanwhile, they shed Crocodile tears on behalf of 'revolutionaries' in Syria for political reasons since both the regime and the rebels committed war crimes.