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Notes on the Israeli Assault against Syria

Published on 06 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
by Local Editor
Israel attacked Syrian military location in Qassyoun mountain, near Damascus city.
The assault indicates the following:
1. The Syrian regime is one of Israeli enemies, far a way from the pro-western Arab propaganda as well as prof. As'ad AbuKhalil's stereotypical theory which always indicates that the Israeli orientation is to preserve Assad regime.

2. The Syrian regime is 'coward', meanwhile, it is the only Anti-Zionist Arab regime by supporting Anti-Israel resistance forces and emphasize on that theoretically.

3. The pro-NATO gangs are so keen for Israeli as well as NATO invasion in Syria as long as they will drop down Al-Assad and they are ready to do anything for the NATO-GCC alliance.

4. The assault is another slap on the face of all Arabs since it was occurred on an Arab land.

5. Israel emphasizes that it stands alongside the pro-Western Arab monarchies since they are not only traditional allies, but they also the best keepers for the Israeli-American interests in the region.

6.  There is no grey region during conflicts, otherwise how could 'bidders' arise?

7. Let us note that Al-Assad popularity has been gained after the Israeli assault. Today, there were pro-Assad demonstrations in Yemen, Tunisia and Palestine-48