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Note on the Capitalist economy

Published on 23 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
The new capitalist economy is overlapped but fragile.
Monitoring stock exchange markets is the main manifestation, now a days. One can easily notice the dramatic ascending/descending indicators which represents 'hypothetical' value of corporation.

Ascending/descending status = 'Masked gambling'
Stocks exchange does not reflect the actual economic exchange, on the contrary, they virtually sell/buy goods which still in stores and the same goods might be sold and bought several times without moving them between hands.

The other manifestation is the 'virtual economy', by which corporations (like banks) issue public facilities in form of debts for high profit. This will lead to magnify the 'profits' on papers and on the National level people would not be able for 'massive bank payments' due to high profits/ weak income (due to high living costs and prices). In certain point this bubble will be ruptured, sooner or later.