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Egypt's Junta is giving Israel a hand

Published on 15 July 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Egypt's junta proposed truce between Palestinian resistance and Israel. The proposed truce completely adopting Israeli conditions. Israel's condition is long-term "quiet-for-quiet" with preserving the siege over Gaza. Meanwhile, Palestinian factions are conditioning to end the siege over Gaza Strip and to stop settlers' assaults in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and to release the recently arrested Palestinian prisoners.

The Egyptian suggestion is, in fact, an original copy of the Israeli conditions and it includes a major condition with details; cessation of hostilities in specified time presumed by Egypt's junta. Nevertheless, the proposed truce did not mention the Israeli comprehensive siege over Gaza. Israel ruined Gaza's airport and prevented port's rebuilding.

So far, Hamas rejected current proposed truce since it neglects Palestinians' rights. Israeli cabinet has approved a further escalation as reply to Hamas's rejection, including extensive airstrikes.