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Leaked Snowden's document: 'Jihadists' and Porn Habits

Published on 24 July 2014, by M. Tomazy.
In a leaked Snowden's NSA document, published in the Huffitngton Post:

Six suspected Jihadists --named Radicalizers--  (or urging for Jihad) were found:
1- Browse online explicit sexual materials privately.
or 2- Ready to use explicit sexual language when communicating with young girl.
3- one out of six has used donations to buy personal stuff.

NSA goal: to exploit some of "vulnerabilities" which, if exposed, would likely degenerate 'radicalizers' credibility, thus loss of his authority to call for 'Jihad'.

NB: The Editor here is totally against violating people's privacy under whatever pretext, and the point is to expose contradiction of what-so-called 'Jihadists'.