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Tracts of the Zionist Propaganda

Published on 25 July 2014, by M. Tomazy.
The Zionist propaganda is not unified and depends on audience. There are many tracts:
First tract: Propaganda directed toward Zionist society; this tract is achieved by disregarding opponent's power and will, and it aims to reassure local community and diminish frightening. 

In 2006, Lebanon's Hezbollah strongly 'shocked' Zionist community due to unexpected performance during the war. Many Zionist intellectuals asked questions about the presence of Israel since thousands of Hezbollah fighters were able to stop Israeli invasion. Israeli Winograd Commission issued balanced report to assess performance of Israeli Army:
We found serious failings and shortcomings in the decision-making processes and staff-work in the political and the military echelons and their interface.
· We found serious failings and flaws in the quality of preparedness, decision-making and performance in the IDF high command, especially in the Army.·
 We found serious failings and flaws in the lack of strategic thinking and planning, in both the political and the military echelons.· We found severe failings and flaws in the defence of the civilian population and in coping with its being attacked by rockets.· These weaknesses resulted in part from inadequacies of preparedness and strategic and operative planning which go back long before the 2nd Lebanon war.
So, Israeli government found it a vital procedure to internally hide real losses during wars.

Video claimed captured Palestinian fighters in 2014. But the date was before the claimed date.
Second tract, the Palestinian tract: by terrifying Palestinians. Occupied Palestine blog documents such procedures.

Third tract, International public opinion: they pretend to play the role of 'victims' in front of the world, and reverse facts. For example: they introduce Hamas as terrorist organization hides behind civilians and accuse Palestinians for massacres committed by them.