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No Individual Can Save A Nation

Published on 24 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.
“No individual can save a nation. If a nation is sleepwalking and doesn’t wake then it will never be saved. But an individual can be a catalyst to wake them up
-Professor Cornell West
Editor's Comment:
I totally agree with professor West. Political individualism introduced Hitler, Stalin and all other dictators who reached the power through elections or coups. However, the scientist or the intellectual or the catalyst or the philosopher is individual who can have great effect on the nation. Now a days, the world is ruled by oligarchs under various names. Goldman Sachs group inc., has great influence over the U.S. politics in Washington, D.C., exactly as Rothschild Group has great influence over the Western countries.
"Israel's Declaration of Independence was signed at Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard. Many of the historic buildings are built in the Bauhaus or International style, forming part of the White City of Tel Aviv" --Wikipedia
Rothschild Boulevard, Tel-Aviv (Travel Folio)

The rich Rothschild dynasty is not a myth. The idea is that they control governments in the shadow and as Zionist Jews, they are highly respected in Israel.