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The Venom Reached Saudi Arabia And France

Published on 07 January 2015, by M. Tomazy.
In June 2014, I wrote:
Puffing the Venom
Encouraging sectarian conflict is a two-edge sword. It might topple Iraq's Al-Maliki for example, but puffs of venom will reach Eastern Saudi Arabia which inhabited by Shiite Muslims as well as Bahrain and Kuwait. No one can predict the results which will surely change current political and demographic maps. Saudi and Qatari media are 'celebrating' ISIS's control in Iraq (Arabic speakers can easily demonstrate these celebrations), for nothing, except because ISIS is fighting Iran's allies.

As expected, ISIS attacked Saudi border patron, two days ago. Two Saudi Arabian border guards have been killed and a third injured on the frontier with Iraq in a suicide attack, the Saudi interior ministry has said.

Twelve people, including two police, were killed in France when unknown gunmen attacked the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo today. The magazine which published cartoons insulting prophet Mohammad.

Apparently, the venom has reached Saudi Arabia and France. The two governments supported the "Jihadists" in Syria and Libya. But snakes aren't domestic.