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Nasrullah: Right About 'Takfiris', But Biased For Shi'a

Published on 09 January 2015, by M. Tomazy.
Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrullah delivered speech tody. He talked about several topics, including, Al-Qaeda (Takfiri) terrorism, Lebanese issues and the situation in Bahrain.

Here are some comments about the speech:
1. He is right about the role of Takfiris in increased anti-islamism and Islamophobia. Their brutal actions actually increased hatred against Muslims.

2. He is right about Lebanon. In a country ruled from outside, he has no options but to deal with pro-US antagonists.

3. He frequently talks about the question of Bahraini people, however, Al-Assad regime is more brutal than the Bahraini regime. The Bahraini regime puts opponents in prison, while Al-Assad brutal regime has been killing and torturing opponents since 1972.  In other words, Nasrullah should, at least, have the same stance towards both the Syrian and Bahraini regimes, otherwise, he ought to stay silent.