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Zionist Attack Against The Sunday Times

Published on 13 January 2015, by M. Tomazy.
Israel demands the British Journal for apology after publishing a cartoon. The cartoon shows hypocrisy. While Netanyahu was walking in the front lines in Paris march, he built a bloody wall in Palestine.

“The newspaper should apologize for this. We’re not going to let this stand as it is,” Israeli Ambassador to London Daniel Taub told The Times of Israel in a telephone interview. “We genuinely think that a red line has been crossed and the obligation on the newspaper is to correct that.”

"Four reasons why U.K. cartoon of Netanyahu isn't anti-Semitic in any way", Anshel Pfeffer of Haartz wrote.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch, the well-known billionaire and the owner of many corporate media (including the British Sunday Times) apologized to Israel.
Murdoch  wrote on Twitter that the cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe – a veteran who frequently depicts blood in his work – did not reflect the paper's editorial line. "Nevertheless, we owe major apology for grotesque, offensive cartoon," Murdoch tweeted.

In a statement, the paper's acting editor, Martin Ivens, said that insulting the memory of Holocaust victims or invoking blood libel was "the last thing I or anyone connected with the Sunday Times would countenance".

"The paper has long written strongly in defence of Israel and its security concerns, as have I as a columnist," Ivens said. "We are, however, reminded of the sensitivities in this area by the reaction to the cartoon, and I will of course bear them very carefully in mind in future."

Mikael Rivero of What Really Happened wrote:
"Media sources said the Israeli strikes also targeted government facilities and ministries, media outlets, mosques and even homes of senior political leaders of Hamas, including the deputy head of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismael Haniyya.

Medical sources said resident Ezzat Dheir, a 23-year-old journalist, working for a local radio, was killed along with four members of his family, after an Israeli missile striking his home.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

1. Ezzat Dheir, 23, Rafah.
2. Turkeyya Dheir, 80, Rafah.
3. Yasmeen Dheir, 25, Rafah.
4. Mary Dheir, 12, Rafah.
5. Tasneem Dheir, 8, Rafah.
Where is the outrage and millions in the streets for these slain journalists?"