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Rupert Murdoch, Charlie Hebdo And Muslims

Published on 12 January 2015, by M. Tomazy.
Rupert Murdoch went to Twitter late Friday to post his twisted thoughts following the horrible attacks on Charlie Hebdo. Murdoch summarily held all Muslims responsible for the jihadist attacks:
“Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”
Shortly before, he had tweeted that political correctness was hypocrisy and that jihadist danger was lurking around the world.

Murdoch’s tweet was retweeted over 4500 times.

While many criticized his comments, J.K. Rowling, the author of the well known Harry Potter series, came out blasting the absurdity of the posts. She mockingly accepted all Christian atrocities including Rupert Murdoch, himself. Her comment has been retweeted more than 6500 times.
“I was born Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I’ll auto-excommunicate.”
She continued to tweet that the Spanish Inquisition was her fault as well as Jim Bakker, the disgraced televangelist.
“The Spanish Inquisition was my fault, as is all Christian fundamentalist violence. Oh, and Jim Bakker.”
She found time to commend Lassana Bathily, a Muslim, for the “courage and compassionate actions” of hiding Jewish customers from the gunmen during the attack.
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