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'State of Denial' in Israel

Published on 03 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
An Israeli expert in aeronautics claimed that the Newly announced Iranian fighter jet (Qaher F-313) is a fiberglass model rather than a real Aircraft.
Qaher F-313 Model
According to Times of Israel, The aeronautics expert depends on photos to reach his evaluation and they referred the Iranian announcement as Propaganda.

There are many scientific defects about the Israeli  expert conclusion:

First, The Iranians are not silly to show the real aircraft model for the local and international media.

Second, The photos are not enough 'raw data' to study an Aircraft (Although the Model is clearly seems to be made from artificial material like Fiberglass).

Third, The Iranians captured at least three US drones and controlled them while they were flying. (The Iranian Media exposed the subsequent stories).

Fourth, Hezbollah announced that the Party's drone could film sensitive military Israeli locations such as the Israeli-American Warships near the Israeli coasts as well as Dimona nuclear location. All that by using an Iranian-made drone.

So, The Iranians have the Knowledge and the Abilities (Technology and Materials) to manufacture an advanced Aircraft and/or developing Russian-made as well as the US-made F-5 which they already have since the Shah's era.

I think the Israelis response is psychological 'denial' rather than scientific one, in other words they could not believe that there is a self-advanced  middle-eastern country.