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Published on 17 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
In "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" , John Perkins described the relation between the US and the developing countries in form of new economic colonization through developing projects like electricity, water supply and natural resources extraction which are funded by USAID as well as world bank.
Although the book's methodology is not well-referred and lack of strong sources like testimonies, the book describes claimed personal experience supported by geostrategic facts as well as proved stories such as Iran's Mussadak dropping-down by the US, Venezuela's Chavez, Indonesia and other Latin American leaders.

The importance of the book is originating from the idea of Corporatocracy which describes the overlapping relation between corporations and governing, i.e, corporations are real leaders.
There are many reliable examples; Iraq invasion --in form or another-- for oil with the lie of Saddam's weapons of massive destruction, pro-Gun lobbies in the US who are being supported by Guns' manufacturers and Clinton's Scandal of Monica Lewinsky.
Jeffry D. Sachs also mentioned "corporatocracy" in his book "The Prince of Civilization"

"Sachs criticizes excessive lobbying, as well as a poor response by American government to globalization, and describes American politics as a corporatocracy in which "powerful corporate interest groups dominate the policy agenda."[1] Sachs suggests that both political parties are right-of-center, and identifies four powerful lobbies as (1) military-industrial complex (2) Wall Street–Washington complex (3) Big Oil–transport–military complex (4) the health care industry.[2]" (Wikipedia)

Many corporate media --owned by businessmen-- sent warning message to president Barack Obama by focusing on his middle name 'Hussein' and the claimed possibility of being muslim, all that to warn him in case of being closer to support the Muslim and Arab rights, especially the Palestinian cause.

In UK, Sky News corporation --owned by Ropert Murdoch-- was accused of spying on officers' telephones.