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Short reply on Nureddin Saber

Published on 05 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Nureddin Sabir, The Editor of Redress information and analysis website indirectly criticizes me and the Leftists in general.
In Mar. 3, I wrote short post titled "Pragmatism and Synonysms".
In Mar 5, Saber wrote an Article titled "Cynicism and black propaganda: the left’s reaction to the Libyan and Syrian uprisings"
I am regular reader to Sabir's Articles and my impression is that his methodology is well referred.

 "realpolitikrefers to politics or diplomacy based primarily on power and on practical and material considerations. It is a Machiavellian game, devoid of ethics.
Realpolitik is ordinarily practised by states, and its practitioners would argue that states have a duty to advance the “national interest” without the distraction of ethical considerations."
In fact, I know the difference between what I mentioned as synonyms in my post such as: Realism, Pragmatism, Utilism.. etc..
On practice, I do not see any difference between Pragmatism, realpolitik and Utilism.
The Corporate Media will not describe the US allies to be "Machiavellian", surely the Media describe them as "Rational" or "Pragmatic" or "Realistic" , in other words, the term is not necessary to describe the event or the organization on the ground.
For example, The Palestinian and Lebanese resistance are terrorists groups for some politicians, whereas they are heroes for the others and so on..
The Article is also introduced by:
"the reactions of a large section of the so-called “left” and “anti-imperialist” camp to the uprisings in Libya and Syria are motivated not by some high-minded principle or anything to do with progressive ideology but by cynicism, petty personal agendas and ignorance."
Far away from justifying analysis and political positions, If NATO-GCC intervention in Libya and Syria is ethical and Justified, that would be different story, but If we agree that there is difference between refusing NATO-GCC intervention and Local dictatorships in Libya and Syria and so the later is my point.
My personal viewpoint, Gaddafi and Assad regimes ought to be overthrown from inside, meanwhile, The GCC monarchies are not good examples of democracy and human rights.
Let us check out the post-Gaddafi era in Libya, The Pro-NATO rebels have committed war crimes similar to those which Gaddafi Committed.