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Unpaid Intellectuals with conscience, say the truth

Published on 30 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
From Angry Arab Blog:
"Comrade Amer wrote this on facebook and it is true: If the Syrian regime is as unpopular as the Mubarak and Bin Ali regime, do you think it would have lasted as long, notwithstanding Iranian and Hizbullah support?  I mean, really.  If the US, Israel, and all GCC countries were to have intervened to save Mubarak, he still would not have been preserved, and the US knew that, otherwise it would have dispatched its troops to keep him.  Do you really still believe that the Alawite members of the military is what keeps Bashshar in power? If masses of people take to the streets in the Damascus for weeks on end, the regime would crumble.  Obviously the situation in Syria is far more complicated, and made more complicated with the heavy handed foreign intervention (by the way, why does foreign intervention only mean support for the regime and not the extensive foreign intervention on the other side?) and the rise of the Bin Ladenite kooky Islamists."