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The US Wars

Published on 30 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Places the US bombed since WWII, (Congo, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Cuba, Iraq, Germany, Laos, Kuwait, Viet Nam, Peru, Sudan, Iran, Panama, Libya, Bosnia, Somalia, Salvador and Afghanistan)

In the same context, Angry Arab commented : "So the US government yesterday officially and firmly called on Hizbullah to withdraw its forces immediately from Syria.  I wish it were that easy, I would have asked the US government to withdraw all its forces immediately from some 156 countries in the world.  So the US find it justifiable to send thousand of troops to Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of its security but is outraged that Hizbullah would send fighters across the borders.  Wait: does the US also call on Saudi Arabia to withdraw its forces immediately from Bahrain?"