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Regimes Industry

Published on 06 June 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
Before Iraq's invasion in 2003, A group of exiled Iraqi opponents formed a coalition in London. They were funded by the British and American governments in order to prepare post-Saddam era in Iraq.

Eyad Samarra'y is one of London's coalition members, he was one of the regime's figures before defection and fleeing to London. Ahmad Jalabi is also one of opposition's figures, he was accused for fraud in Jordan. The Jordanian government accused him for stealing Petra Bank.

 The same for Syria's opposition, Most of them --especially those of Doha-based coalition-- have no popular base in Syria. The head of what-so-called 'In-exile government', Hetto has left Syria for almost 30 years and he is living in Texas. Two preceding heads of Syrian National Council (SNC) are living in European countries; Professor Burhan Ghallioun and Abdul-Baset Sida respectively.

Residency in a foreign country is not stigma by itself, however, Lack of popularity and loyalty to foreign governments are the meant questions. 

Iraq's former regime as well as current Syrian regime are totalitarian and oppressive, but in-exile Syrian opposition is not reflecting people's choice and will because they were selected by foreign governments and they are neither elected nor living in local communities.

Western press as well as pro-NATO Arab media high-lighten and even exaggerate the negative side of Syrian regime as an oppressive and totalitarian but these media have never discussed the legitimacy of in-exile Syrian opposition and upon what criteria they are representing the Syrian people.

There is no doubt that Police-State such as in Syria and previously in Iraq pushed most opponents to flee outside the country seeking for personal safety.

Disinformation and Bigotry darken unwanted questions by NATO-GCC alliance and its media.