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DeLegitimizing Palestinians Via New Zealand

Published on 08 September 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Israel refused to accept New Zealand’s new ambassador as he is also an envoy to the Palestinian Authority. However, New Zealand is perplexed over what it sees as a sudden change to the long-standing practice.
New Zealand does not have a separate embassy in Israel as well as many other countries near it. The island nation’s embassy in Turkey has to handle ties with quite a number of nations, including Jordan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Until recently it was also responsible for New Zealand’s relations with both Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Editor's Comment:
Even though New Zealand does not have separate embassy in other countries like Jordan, Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Israeli Zionist government refused to accept the new ambassador because Palestinians should not be legitimized in this world, and their homeland should be Israel (according to the Zionist narration and practice). Nevertheless, my personal view is that the what-so-called 'international community' is a mere club of brutal governments aims to maintain their interests. Just to remind you again, where are Saddam's WMDs? And the claimed Russian tanks crossing Ukrainian borders?
Wake up folks!