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What's Going In Yemen?

Published on 08 September 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Supporters of al-Houthi movement perform prayers on Friday during a rally in Sanaa (AFP/Middle East Eye) 
Yemen is witnessing mass demonstrations by supporters of al-Houthi. The country is not far from the chaos in the Arab world and it is one of  the 'Arab Spring' countries.

Al-Houthi movement —Houthists prefer to call it 'Ansarullah' movement— is named after its leader Abdulmalek al-Houthi. The movement fought Yemeni regime for many rounds in the last decade. But what is going in Yemen?

In the context of the conflict between the pro-West gulf monarchies and Iran, the two sides are moving their loyal puppets.
Saudi Arabia clearly support 'Sunni' opposition in Iraq as well as Syrian opposition's militias (such as the Islamic Front). Meanwhile, it is the Iranian turn to move the chess piece on the southern Saudi borders (i.e, in Yemen).
Yemen's Houthi movement is calling for overthrowing current Yemeni government.
Houthi protests against the government of President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi continue as the group and its supporters block the main road to Sanaa's international airport.
Syrian or Iraqi scenario might be repeated in Yemen as long as the Iran-GCC conflict continues in the region, however, Yemeni players own the key, either to agree in between or  to escalate in form of Sunni-Shiite conflict simulating the situation in Iraq and Syria.
Yemen is another mosaic Arab country, including two religions (Judaism and Islam) as well as many Muslim sects (Ismailis, Sunnis, Shi'as and their sub-sects). This factor, as it enriched the country's texture, it eases sectarian/religious conflict which forms the front-page of every politically-induced fight in the Arab world.