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360° View on Palestine

Published on 22 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Although the Israeli Army is ranked to be the eleventh strongest Army in the World, No clear victory has been achieved since 1967 war, and so this indicates that the power is not enough to defeat the enemy.
Here we should differentiate between the strategic achievement and the Military achievement, for example: Egypt achieved military Victory in 1973 War, but failed to achieve any Strategic achievement, on the contrary, The Post-war Camp David Agreement has transformed Egypt into "Vassal State".

A Ceasefire Agreement was held yesterday, between Israel and the Palestinian resistance and entered into effect  at 21:00. 
During eight days of War on Gaza, Israel killed 163 Palestinians and 1200 were injured.
The Question is : What did Israel achieve by attacking Gaza?
The Palestinian resistance is still in its locations keeping the largest mass of its military power, Meanwhile, Any Israeli escalation on Gaza will be faced by the Palestinian resistance.
Again, this fact indicates that the Israeli military power is not enough to achieve victory, but for sure, it leads to increase the civilian casualties.
So far, at the Strategic level, Israel did not apply any condition on the Palestinian resistance except (Escalation-versus-Escalation), and the Palestinian resistance will increase and develop the military Arsenal for the next defensive war against Israel.

The Palestinian resistance also faces serious challenges due to changeable Geopolitical Atmosphere around Palestine.
Although the Egyptian position  has been partly shifted for the Palestinians (in moral pattern), Egypt did not support the Palestinian resistance by Any military means, however, there is clear difference between Mubarak's era and Mursi's era toward the Palestinian resistance. 
The relationship between Hamas and Iran in the worst manner than ever before, due to the Syrian crisis, which is the "frontpage" of the Sectarian Conflict. Chairman of the Political Bureau for Hamas movement, Khalid Mesha'al -- after severe Iranian reproach--  has said: "We thank the Islamic Republic of Iran for the partial Military and Financial support despite the dispute between us in the Syrian Subject" and he added "There is no Contradiction between the Resistance and the right of Democracy for people". Does that position include the right of "Shiite" Bahraini people for Democracy and peaceful transfer of Power?? if the Answer is YES, so why did Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyyeh supported the Bahrain tyrant king during the Climax of the popular demonstrations in Bahrain?!
I think the Gap between Hamas and Iran will be gradually increased, and so Hamas will depend on Qatar with the financial support, and it will depend on Libya and Sudan with the military support, this will lead to escalate the Sectarian conflict in the region.

Fatah leadership and the Palestinian Authority are "losers" too, and this is a strong Strike for Israel and the US administration, since the Palestinian citizens have no doubt that "Moderation Struggle" will not achieve their golden goal which is the liberation of Palestine, and so that will increase the internal pressure on the P.A.
The Palestinians --wherever they reside-- have seen and compared the performance between the P.A. and the resistance.They surely prefer achievements rather than Wandering and dependency in the midst of the biased Western powers toward Israel.