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The Spoiled Arab Oligarchs

Published on 02 September 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Wealthy bored Arab princes, typically vaguely related to the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, often have their Lamborghinis shipped over from the Gulf at enormous expense, then shipped back home just two weeks later. A UK TV station, has produced a recommended documentary about the trials of the local residents who endure this noisy spectacle each year typified by our apple-throwing activist.
Sadly – some of these kids may be learning their spoilt ways from their family members, who still sit in power as autocratic monarchs while democracy struggles to gain a foothold in one of the wealthiest regions on earth. There personal motivations can out-trump policy considerations - driven by a desire to stay in power, and age-old rivalries between the ruling families play out at a state-to-state level.
The worst current exhibitor of spoilt rich kid syndrome might well be the Bin Zayed rulers of the United Arab Emirates - who appear determined to undermine critical reconciliation efforts between the Gulf Co-Operation Council members and the Qatari royal family - a row which has been going on now for six months. This weekend, a summit is being held to try and reconcile Qatar with the other members of the GCC, a meeting which looks set to be tense - especially so thanks to the bullish rhetoric of the Bin Zayeds.
Source: Middle East Eye