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Syrian sources: Turkish officers detained by the Syrian Air Intelligence

Published on 02 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Informed Syrian sources re-confirmed that the Syrian authorities have arrested four Turkish officers inside Syrian territory in Aleppo countryside north. The sources told "Alquds al-arabi" that Turkish officers are detained by the Syrian Air Intelligence and interrogated and extract important logistical information about field affairs and armament between Aleppo and Turkey and distributionn of opposition fighters there.
The reconfirmation came after the Turkishnewspaper "Zaman"  quoted sources in the General Staff of the Turkish military denying that Syria arrested 4 Turkish officers in Aleppo, and sources said that the report is "misleading" and "masterminded" by the Syrian regime.

The  private Syrian newspaper "Al-Watan"said on Monday that four Turks pilots had been arrested while trying to sneak into the Kwers military airport Kwers in the region of Aleppo, the newspaper said in that the protection elements of Airport arrested four officers pilots Turks while trying to infiltrate the airport accompanied by armed group.
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