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Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

Published on 26 May 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Both parties have a common interest for modal rapprochement. The Islamic movement is passing the worst period ever, where the new Egyptian regime applies tough siege over Gaza strip, side-by-side with Israeli procedures of blocking Gaza terminals, moreover, Muslim brothers have been toppled down from Egypt's presidency to stop Hamas's euphoria.

Fatah side-by-side with fake Palestinian left parties have reached an impasse with Israelis during unequal and time-wasting PLO-Israeli negotiations.

Since 2007, when bloody clashes between Hamas and Fatah military wings occurred, the two prominent Palestinian movements could not establish harmonize convergence. So far, they meet to divide the 'Authority' in between in which Fatah will preserve security positions in the West Bank and Hamas will do the same in Gaza strip and unifying them under 'technocratic' interior minister. Hamas security forces will maintain calm borders with Israeli side and Fatah is already maintaining security in West Bank cities for the sake of Israeli occupation forces.

Fatah-Hamas reconciliation is fragile for the following reasons:
Firstly, what would be the fate of Hamas military wing which Iran exerted hard efforts to develop? Either to merge within Gaza security forces or refuse PLO-Israeli negotiations.

Secondly, Fatah-Hamas reconciliation is based on bilateral interests related to Hamas and Fatah themselves and Palestinian people are neither engage the conflict for Authority nor the reconciliation.

Regional Dynamics will determine:
Hamas is the local branch of Muslim Brotherhood and the movement is organically affected by the International Islamist movement. Moreover, The results of the Battle in Syria will also determine the future of Palestinian situation. If Iran and Syrian regime win the Battle, Hamas will gradually engage their axis on the expense of Hamas-Fatah relations. However, If GCC*-American axis wins the Battle through Syrian opposition forces, Fatah's project ( unequal time-wasting PLO-Israeli negotiations) will be continued with the help of GCC-Egyptian regimes.

* GCC = Gulf Cooperation Council including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain