Tenzin Tharchen

Syria - Tragedy And Hope

Tanzin Tharchen
Mar. 1, 2015
All I can see for miles and miles are bombed out buildings, patches of light from fires lit and people are huddled around trying to keep warm. There are puddles of water, if they are lucky, from scarce rainfall where children are lapping up water like dogs. There’s no food or medicine, no electricity or heat; only thirst and starvation. The streets reek of the stench of death. Welcome to Yarmouk.

Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee camp is in Syria. The people who live there have been forgotten by the outside world. Yarmouk has been without running water for two years and has had no food or medicine of its own. The bits of food they do receive in Yarmouk are from charitable NGO’s such as Bridge Of Peace-Syria. There is no UNESCO in Yarmouk and there is no normal life either. Children often die of starvation and from the cold weather. Children whose lives are cut short because of war. Imagine your child dying in your arms and you awake to their lifeless body. You cry and wail because you did everything possible but it wasn't enough. Imagine the horror of this happening every day and every night. Just try to imagine the horror of the Assad regime using chemical weapons on its own people and doing horrible tests on them while they are alive. There are entire villages gone. This is all because of the world ignoring the genocide in Syria. Chemical Weapons, starvation are why women and children are lying dead in the streets.

Why has the world forgotten Syria? Why has Obama-who said he was sending troops to fight and protect the Syrian people from terror- forgotten Syria? Syria's own leader has created this crisis and no one punishes him. They only play the political game, and at the expense of the Syrian people. The bloody conflict in Syria is much bigger than just Yarmouk. I chose to focus a bit on that particular place because I have a dear friend who lives in the camp who has lived through the horrors in Syria. He has remained a shining light of hope and happiness in the face of genocide. My friend is named Aeham. He is Palestinian musician who plays piano and sings, everyday. Sometimes he puts together a makeshift choir and leads them in chorus while playing the piano. This happens in the daytime and in the darkness of night.

Aeham teaches the children to have hope in the face of such a horrid tragedy. The kids line up and their singing and smiling is both sweet and tragic. Just seeing their young smiling faces, with the visible background of buildings bombed out and destroyed, is enough to melt this author’s heart and bring me to tears. This is not a hard hitting article, jam packed with facts and statistics, it is an attempt to show a human face on an otherwise horrific tragedy of genocide and war. The world needs to see the tragedy in Syria. I also believe the world needs to see the strength, hope and determination, and the beautiful unbroken spirit that lives inside the people’s hearts in Syria. Just witness the beautiful heart of the children singing simple songs and smiling. See it in Aeham when he plays piano for the children and fellow adults in Yarmouk. Their spirit is beautiful. Their strength of character and their resolve to try and find some happiness in the midst of tragedy is inspiring. It seems so horrible of me to try to write an article about Syria, and to try and do it justice, when this tragedy is so vast and the horrors are so unbelievable. However, I guess it is what is in the attempt, or in the intention, that makes it worthwhile. Ya Allah forgive us for being comfortable in our lives when our people, your people, are suffering and dying so tragically.

This author would like to thank you, the reader, for your patience and understanding in my writing this article. This has been very painful. Before Allah I ask for people to be inspired to help by speaking up.  Shukran and may Allah bless and reward your kindness. Alhamdulillah !!!


Gaza: A Silent Holocaust

Feb. 21  2015
People often see images of fighting on the streets of Gaza splashed on TV screens around the world. Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers who fire back with automatic machine guns yet the world still blames the Palestinians because you know those rocks are very dangerous against automatic weapons fire and tanks. What the media doesn't show you is the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, the use of white phosphorus which is banned by international law, the constant bombing of civilian neighborhoods.
Israel cuts power to millions of Palestinians in Gaza leaving them without heat or any hydro whatsoever. The weather is horrid now in the winter season and Gaza being left without power is now left to fend for itself.

There have already been several deaths due to the cold and at least one incident where the family was burning rubbish to try and keep their children warm in the harsh winter temperatures and the house burned down killing the children.
It is shocking how life has been reduced to rubble in Gaza in the last war this past summer. Gaza has been devastated, children's classroom are out in the dirt as their school was destroyed.

The world either does not know about these atrocities or they simply do not care whatsoever. The project to rebuild Gaza has promised billions of dollars to help rebuild Gaza but the funds are very slow coming meanwhile the people live in bombed out buildings exposed to the elements and very often die from exposure and from the cold.
Why does no country stand up for Gaza? Why is it a Palestinian kid is branded a terrorist while the Israeli military who arrests, violently abuses, rapes, sexually assaults and murders Palestinian kids gets off Scott free? It is time to step up the pressure on the Israeli government.

The greatest weapon against the Israel occupation has been the 'Boycott, Divestment, Sanction' or BDS  movement  hitting the Zionist entity where it hurts in their pocketbook.

Now also Palestine has been granted admittance to the International Criminal Court. April 1st 2015 Palestine is set to join the ICC opening doors to myriad cases of human rights violations and genocide of Palestinians against Israel.
This is a last ditch effort to bring Israel before a criminal court and seek reparations for the genocide and loss. Those of us who are aware of the horrible dire situation inside Gaza need to speak up for human rights and justice inside Gaza. To not do anything but remain silent in the face of genocide is a criminal act. If you remain. neutral in the face of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor - Desmond Tutu.


Muslims In America - A Double Standard

Feb. 17  2015
Muslims the world over are victimized as terrorists scum and vermin and are made famous through international headlines only when a select few of actual terrorist thugs kill and maim and have a sick warped view they are doing so in the name of Islam.

The mainstream media takes such stories and sensationalizes them splashing headlines of Muslim Terrorist, on the TV screens of the world  while crackpot news anchors go live with shocking mindless uneducated uncut uncensored bigotry hate and dehumanization calling for the brutal murder of all Muslims.

If the tables were turned but for a moment the story would be completely different case in point the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris France drew immediate strong global condemnation and was just what many governments were waiting for as a excuse for further strict laws of surveillance bringing the respective countries closer to the realities of a Police state.

The aftermath of the Paris attacks saw acts of hate and terror against Muslims, grenades and heads of pigs thrown at Mosques in France, a deepening of the islamophobic riots in the streets of Germany and other countries throughout Europe and North America.

Let's fast forward now to just last weeks horrific terrorist attack in Chapel Hill North Carolina where a crazed atheist neighbor enters the home of Deah Barakat his wife Yusor Abu-Salha and her younger sister Razan Abu-Salha and shot them each in the head execution style.

There was no mainstream media coverage of this horrible terrorist attack whatsoever. Locals in the neighborhood learned of this act of horror and started a twitterstorm, once the story broke on twitter using the hashtag #ChapelHillShooting the news quickly went viral and spread like wildfire the world over.
The mainstream media still did not pick up this story until another full day or two and even then this horrific execution terrorist act was not given any serious coverage and was blanketed as a domestic dispute over a parking spot. Even at the time of writing this article one week later the only government that has condemned the attack in Chapel Hill as terrorist is Saudi Arabia.

This raises serious questions about why the indifference, why the vastly different reactions in these two horrific acts of terror? The answer to this question lays at the feet of the US governments demonizing of Muslims even before 9/11 when George Bush was pushing for a way  to invade Iraq, even before that when the US armed Saddam Hussein against militant Iran (Iran was pro western until US toppled the Shah and installed Khomeini) then Saddam being the puppet of US foreign interests was told to invade Kuwait and this birthed the Iraq war.

There are so many more intricate details then this article can afford however the US has used its foreign policy to demonize Muslims and convince the American public they are at war for their very freedoms when the truth is no they are not at war at all until the US created it.

Another strong arm in pushing the anti Muslim narrative is Zionist Israel and its hold on the US congress through powerful lobbies such as AIPAC. The truth is so twisted and rewritten that most people just accept the simple conclusions of the mainstream media which is the mouthpiece of the US Military Industrial Complex and if you suggest to the public this truth you are immediately demonized and called a heretic hater bigot and terrorist scum though it is ok for FOXNEWS to rant on live TV how the extermination of Muslims is the only way forward to find peace in America and the world.
There is a grotesque double standard and the narrative is intact as long as the person behind the gun identifies as Muslim but in the case of Chapel Hill where three young brilliant loving community oriented Muslims were in front of the gun so the narrative is silent.

Just a few days ago was a horrific terrorist attack on a Jewish synagogue in Copenhagen which drew immediate condemnation from world leaders. My question is when will we hear a word from Obama condemning the terrorist attack in Chapel Hill NC? Oh right I forgot they were Muslim so I guess they do not matter do they?



I sat with Samira today
She didn't say much
So I just talked and told her about my day
Today was sunny but the air was cold
White phosphorus fell from the sky again
As the IDF thundered overhead in their F16s
Samira just laid there cold and still broken bones and burns in most of her body
A bomb landed in her house where she was playing in her bedroom blasting the building apart.
There was no sign of her momma and papa
I held Samiras hand and cried asking Allah to grant her Janna.
Samira was my best friend we always played together and talked about living in paradise
Swimming in the sea and play all day.
Samira was my friend my sister and my family
She always liked talking about the fireworks every night but in Gaza the fireworks are lethal
I love you Samira and I just want to sit with you and hold your hand forever.
I love you Samira and will join you soon in Janna in sha Allah as we never have to wait long for death here as we die daily.
Don't worry Samira Allah will take care of you
Love you so much Samira.