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Update: The Conflict in Syria

Published on 15 December 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Undoubtedly, the conflict in Syria has internal and external elements, however, it is no longer an uprising against tyrant regime. The Syrian social texture has been profoundly 'de facto' teared in which Sunni majority maintains support for the various opposition forces against the pro-regime 'alliance of minorities' including Alawis, Shia and Druze.

Two Shiite villages northern Syria (Nubbul and Az-Zahra') are constantly being attacked from the surrounding villages by mortar and different missiles.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia support al-Qaeda-affiliated opposition fighters, meanwhile, Iran supports shiite pro-regime militias.

The regime and opposition are accused for committing sectarian massacres and this is, indeed, in the context of disconfiguration Syria's social texture.